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Trisori designs and produces jewellery with a view to combining some Italian chic with a London ‘edge’.
At the heart of Trisori are two resourceful and multi-cultural Italians based in London who have nurtured their creativity to craft strong statement pieces inspired by feminine elegance and playfulness.
Our collections are handmade by Italian artisans using high quality semi-precious gemstones which are set in gold-plated designs. Trisori’s uniqueness is apparent in our bold, contemporary and stylish collections which focus on complementing our Clients’ personal style and inner sparkle.

We hope you will enjoy following our blog, where we write about some of the things we like.

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Trisori is a jewellery brand that combines original Italian style with a touch of "London chic". Founded by a cosmopolitan pair of Italians residing in London, Trisori have developed a flawless ability to create strong statement pieces which retain a sense of elegance and playful femininity. Using high quality semi-precious stones set in gold plated designs, Trisori's handmade pieces are bold, contemporary and stylish. Trisori are unique; they make an effort to truly understand the way in which a woman creates her own personal style and design their jewellery line to compliment just that.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Moor Spanish Tapas

On the way to a friend's party, I read some of the newspaper pages that I hadn't got around to yet and discovered not far from the office was El Cantara - a fusion Spanish and Moroccan restaurant, reminiscent of morish occupied southern Spain. So I decided to try it at my earliest convenience, that being the next week, drawn by the fact that it had a roof - or more aptly named - shisha terrace.

When in Rome...so we started off with a few drinks and an apple shisha, trying the variety where it comes through fruit to give it a better flavour and make it smoother. Better that than the one through alocohol which apart from being treble the price, the waitress said made you lightheaded and dizzy...i think the glasses of wine would do that anyway!

I love these pipes and was utterly happy to sit there chatting and puffing away. The only things spoiling this idyll were the helicopters circling in the sky making a little noise as well as the fact that I had managed to sit on the only part of the waterproof bench that had a small hole in it, so I felt like I had sat in a puddle and my pale caramel leather jacket ended up with a wet patch also. A few more drinks though and I was distracted enough and thought it wise to order some food.

So tapas seemed the obvious choice - especially since I have been finding that gluten products bloat me, which cous-cous was likely to do. We chose a mix of meat including albondigas - declared the favourite dish as they were the meatiest - and a selection of fish dishes - calamares, king prawans in garlic - as well as old favourites - tortilla, croquetas and new ones - aubergine , which I think is a nectar of the gods.

A great new find in the heart of Soho, especially when the sun is shining and you want to find a spot in the sun in which to sip your vino!

El Cantara, 45 Frith Street, Soho, London, W1D 4SD Tel: 0871-961-9528


Friday, 29 July 2011

Sicilian Holiday (Part 4): Noto - Day 5

We continue to travel south and from the Greek-style Syracuse we head down to the Baroque Noto.
Noto is the finest example of Sicilian Baroque style and for this reason it has been included by UNESCO in their prestigious, coveted World Heritage List. The city is about 32 km from Syracuse and by Bus it should take maximum 40 minutes.

Noto strikes you immediately due to the extraordinary homogeneity of its town-planning: it was built to an octagonal plan and is crossed through by the main streets. This “stone garden”, as it is commonly called come, contains a never-ending number of Baroque monuments that appear on the streets and squares. The material most commonly used is limestone, which creates an extremely spectacular effect at sunset, when the sunlight brings out a pinkish hue from the majestic façades.

What to see/do:
·        Piazza Municipio: with its wonderful staircase that takes you up to the Cathedral of San Giorgio, surrounded by imposing Baroque buildings such as Palazzo Vescovile and Palazzo Landolina di Sant'Alfano.
·        Palazzo Ducezio: now the seat of the Town Council. An admission fee of €1 admits you to one of the reception rooms within, the Sala degli Specchi ('hall of mirrors'), a palatial room with mildly interesting 19th Century frescoes;
·        walk along Corso Vittorio Emanuele and Via Cavour to admire the masterpieces of the late Baroque period

·        Palazzo Nicolaci: where chubby beasts and cherubs stare down at Via Nicolaci. This is a masterpiece.

      Spare the afternoon (or at list a couple of hours) to visit the Natural reserve of Vendicari. It's a bliss for the senses. So secluded and quite and the sea is really Carribean style. Please note that if you go in the summer months when Italians are on holiday, you will have to share the beach with other locals. It is still well worth a visit. Fishes are very friendly as they are not scared of humans. It's a really nice experience!
      Where to stay:
3. Eremo della Giubiliana: http://www.eremodellagiubiliana.it/

Next week we write about the last part of the 1 week Sicilian holiday. Don’t miss it! Enjoy.

Above article inspired by: http://www.nozio.com/europe/italy/sicily/syracuse/itineraries/syracuse_:_noto.htm


Thursday, 28 July 2011

Cabbages and Roses are a brand perhaps best known for their association with Jigsaw, but did you know they have an online store as well?

Distinctly British, their clothes and homeware items evoke the style of how you imagine Beatrix Potter might have lived.

Perfect for summer picnics or a day spent languorously on a boat, their beautiful dresses are casual enough to be ‘every day’ but special enough that you would be forgiven for crying if you accidently spilt some jam down the front of one! And their cushions add the perfect country touch to any urban home.

This blog is more a feast for the eyes rather than being anything useful or informative, as I just had to share the beautiful photography of Cabbages and Roses, online site – so wonderful I would rather like to live in it. They make me want to run off into a wood full of bluebells, barefoot, with a Roberts radio playing Corinne Bailey Rae…. What do they make you want to do?

They have a sale online right now so check it out… it would be rude not to. www.cabbagesandroses.com


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Healthy pursuits in London

 I have been living abroad in Hong Kong for the last six months, having lived in or near London my whole life. It's been exciting, fun and busy, and because of the person I am (a health and fitness fanatic, that also enjoys 'the good life') I have been tirelessly pursuing the wellbeing scene out here. Digging out health hideaways and fitness treasures in the most unlikely of places has become a full time job (a world peace cafe in the heart of Hong Kong's red light district was an unlikely find) and I have loved every minute of it... But now that I have been here for four months I have unexpectedly begun really missing all the wonderful healthy activities and restaurants that London holds in it's hands. It's been an eye opener in that it has given me a new found appreciation for how easy it is to be healthy in London. Here are a few of my gems:

Daylesford Organic: For their almond milk lattes and brunch on a Saturday.

A run in Hyde Park: Possibly the best thing you can do on a summer evening when the TV is worse than rubbish.

The Third Space: A gym in London's beating heart, Picadilly Circus, that has a swimming pool, climbing wall and oxygen chamber.
Wholefoods, Kensington: 

Step inside their world of organic goodness and you will never want to leave. Have lunch in their upstairs food hall where there is a range of delicious and healthy international food.
A Le Pain Quotidien picnic on Hampstead Heath: 

Grab an organic open sandwich (half the bread, twice as much filling = no brainer), team with their house lemonade (or bottle of organic wine if it's raining) and sit and watch the world go by on this most wonderful patch of grass.
Rowing in Putney: Easy to join, but training is hard and sessions can start early, or go on late. But as Ratty once said "lots to be done, plenty of fun, when you're messing about on the river".

Monday, 25 July 2011

Review: iPad apps of women's life style magazines I

I admit that the feeling of flipping through a book or a magazine can not be replaced by iPadding. However nowadays ipad apps of magazines offer more than a scanned paper copy. Now let's take a look what those iPad apps are about. After reading a few most famous titles, here are my thoughts:

Most of the magazines offer videos of feature stories or cover stories, buttons of online sharing via FB, Twitter and Email, and URL links. There are also differences I can observe so far:

Vogue (UK): Tester -June 2011 issue
Price: GBP 4.99 (paper magazine: GBP 3.50)

Pages: Over 210 pages, no precise page numbers.

Layout: following the transitional magazine, including the final stock list

Multi-media: video of the feature story or cover story

Interface: As it follows the traditional magazine style, you might need to zoom in quite a bit to be able to read the small fonts

Something unique: This is British Vogue (you will find out why I think this is unique later)

Things need to improve:
- a library for all the outstanding issues for readers to choose as for some reason I can't not see the list of the issues after I subscribed the June 2011 issue
- More interactive functions
- compared to what offers on the Vogue website, the App is rather limited in terms of contents
- more friendly price

Bonus: there is a free preview version for downloading

(to be continued)


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Iconic London

This week I was sent details of Richard Ryan's four silk prints, all themed around London and set in front of its classic landmarks. Inspired by Ryan’s fascination for British culture thy are influenced by his first visits to London and these iconic sites where people still go about their daily life.

They represent a timeless London showing what the visitor to the capital sees - a romanticised view of these famous areas with an unusual combination of absolute sophistication in the typical London backdrops.

Depicting the trouble with truly getting to know London, Ryan created the four prints by collating old photographs and other scrapbook items and putting the essential pieces together in order to reach a deeper understanding of the city. An artistic example of distance making the heart grow founder, the images also play on the notion that London may be easier to enjoy and understand from afar.

Shrouded in a Union Jack ball gown, the London Street print portrays a rebellious icon with a pink coloured Sir Winston Churchill peeping over the woman’s shoulder in the right corner, holding a machine gun and creating the perfect combination of an aristocrat and statesman – the ultimate Winnie the Pooh hooligan look. The typical British ‘oi oi oi’ wording can be found on the wall with a whiff of the infamous street hooligans.

Savile Row is the story behind the legendary tailors of London who represent the heart of the British gentleman’s traditional and flawless attire. The trademark of owning a tailored Savile Row suit is evident on any man, with other designs fading by mere comparison. The woman in the print wears a modified three-piece suit, as first introduced by Yves Saint Laurent who challenged the male suit typecast with his creations. A revolutionary design, the print represents the rebellious spirit of the creation, adding the top hat and Alice in Wonderland type motifs on the woman’s vest whilst also maintaining the spirit of the mythical dandy persona.

With inspiration from Damian Hirst’s mythical diamond skull, as seen on the passing red London bus, the London Victoria Station print calls upon the hype of modern British pop and art culture. Also encompassing a Swedish fashionista, originally photographed on the way for a lunch break by Ryan, he symbolizes Shane Meadow’s ‘This is England’ spirit coupled with the traditional houndstooth print, a trench coat and the policeman style hat.

With Big Ben in the background, the woman on the scooter is envisaged to be the French actress Audrey Tatou, playing on the link between France and the United Kingdom. Holding a set of foxes on a punk inspired lead, this signifies the controversial fox hunting ban of 2002. One can also find a Jack the Ripper sticker stuck on the scooter.

There are 350 signed copies. Richard Ryan currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden.For more information see www.artnowfactory.se


Friday, 22 July 2011

Sicilian Holiday (Part 3): Syracuse - Day 4

This week we continue our travel through the East coast of Sicily.

So, take a bus to Siracusa (bus station is close to Catania central station). The trip should last about 1 hour.
Siracusa was once a mighty Greek colony about triple the size of today's city. There are many Greek and Roman sites of interest, including a Greek theater and Roman arena. Stay 1 entire day and 1 night in Siracusa.
It’s a beautiful city and you should go and visit it.

What to see:

  • The Greek Theater, the largest theater in Sicily, was begun in the 6th century BC and held 15,000 spectators.
  • The Roman Amphitheater, one of the largest arenas of its kind, dates from the 3rd century AD.
  • The Castle of Eurialo was an important Greek military installation built in the 4th century BC.

  • The Altar of Hieron II, the largest altar in Magna Grecia, was built around 225 BC but only the base remains.

  • Ear of Dionysus Cavern, Orecchio di Dioniso, is part of the huge stone quarry that provided the stone for the building of the city.

  • Santa Lucia Church incorporated a Greek temple to Athena into its building and added a Baroque facade. It's built on the spot where Santa Lucia, Syracuse's patron saint, was martyred in 304AD. On Santa Lucia Day, December 13, a huge silver statue is paraded from the duomo to the church. This is an amazing church. If you go inside you can see a Caravaggio work of art! It’s really worth a visit
  • Ortygia Island has a small but interesting historic center. Its duomo started as a 5th century BC Doric temple and was turned into a church in the 7th century AD. It has a dramatic Baroque facade. On the island you'll find temples, churches, squares, shops, and seaside bars. During the evening it lights up with lovely bars and restaurant where you can eat nice Sicilian food
While you are in Ortigia, please stop at Fontana Aretusa (Aretusa Fountain): people from Siracusa believe that this is the only place outside Egypt where papyrus grows.  There is also a lovely story about this fountain, a story of love and tragedy. As kids, we are all convinced it’s true (In Greek mythology, the nymph Arethusa, daughter of Nereus, is pursued by the river god Alpheus and transforms herself into a stream.)

Where to stay:
*Hotel borgo Pantano: http://www.borgopantano.com/    - - * It’s a lovely relaxing place but it’s outside Siracusa and you’ll need to go there with a taxi

Where to eat:
Rutta e ciauli: lovely restaurant and amazing food. Book a table outside. Don’t believe the review about the poor service. It’s Sicily and people are more relaxed…it’s not NYC so if you want super fast service, you are in the wrong Country! http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g187891-d1875758-Reviews-Ristorante_Jonico_a_Rutta_e_Ciauli-Syracuse_Sicily.html

Thanks to: http://goitaly.about.com/od/sicilyitaly/p/syracuse_sicily.htm for some of the above contents

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Brights go with Tans

It’s that wonderful time of year when sun-kissed bodies start to appear all over London, as people return back from holiday or their weekend breaks, they return with a spring in their step and a glow on their face. This is perhaps the only time that we can wear the bright and bold trend, since everyone knows that vivid colours go with tans. However, this is a trend that is to be approached with caution – just a flash of hot pink there or bright green here is where it’s at this season. Here are a few of my favourite brightly coloured accessories that will add heat to any outfit without making you stick out like a sore thumb:

Prada‘s selection of eyewear will not only protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, but the colourful strips of neon are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face, even if you have the holiday blues. 

A Deborah Marquit French lace balconette bra in bright yellow. Yes, your underwear can be bright and beautiful too! Nothing will set a tan off more than the slight show of a bright bra-strap under a white vest.

Purple and orange seem to be the combination du jour, with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Cheryl Cole embracing the trend. You can embrace it too with one of Hermes’ beautiful scarves. Sigh…

This fantastic Mac Electric Eel Eye Shadow nod’s to the 80’s but is all the rage this season. It is the perfect complement to a tanned face and will make any outfit that little bit more interesting.

I have fallen head over heals in love with this luminous yellow faux croc laptop case from ASOS, and at only £20 it’s a total steal. Lugging around that laptop just got way more appealing.


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In pursuit of the perfect tan...that lasts

I have a confession to make. I am a tanorexic and one of my life long goals is to look as glowing as possible for as long as possible, and at no time of year is this pursuit of self-improvement more prevalent than during the summer. I am aware that it is not the ‘done’ thing anymore, but I can’t help but admit that a tan does tend to give people that certain je ne sais quois. I’m not advising that we model ourselves on Magda from ‘Something About Mary’, but a little glow (with the armor of a good SPF) lifts the spirits. I am sure that I can’t be alone here.
So with that in mind I set about finding some easy to implement ways of making the holiday glow last longer than the plane ride home and I wanted to share them with you:

Pre-Holiday: Exfoliate
Make sure you exfoliate all over. I use a body brush as it kills two birds with one
stone; cellulite and dead skin. Brushing in upward motions towards the heart will stimulate blood flow and remove that layer of dead skin, creating a great base from which to cultivate an all over even tan.

During Holiday: Aftersun

Using aftersun at the end of each day on holiday is a must. Use when you get straight out of the shower to lock as much moisture in as possible. I like to use something that doesn’t contain any nasties in it and which has been a complete lifesaver when I’ve had a little too much sun and am sporting the all over shade
of shame: rouge. It’s called Rebound by Neways and I am yet to find anythin more brilliant.

Post-Holiday: Mosturise
I find that Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto Body Cream is one of the most luxurious ways to love my body. It quickly hydrates and is easily absorbed, not to mention it smells divine.

Eat: Carrots and Tomatoes
Foods rich in beta-carotene, like carrots have been proven to influence skin tone, and eating tomatoes, which are packed with antioxidants called lycopene can protect your skin from burning.


36 Hours in Munich - It's not always about beer

Munich was voted the best livable city in the world last year by my favorite magazine Monocle. I got a chance to spend a very very short weekend last month and I probably also chose the weekend with the worst weather. However I managed to make most of it and found a few hidden gems. Well I will not bother to share those touristic attractions and the most famous sight-seeing spots. But for a very relaxing weekend, Munich offers no less than Paris!

Maximilian Strasser - Yes, everyone knows it's the posh street with all the designer boutiques. Compared to
Champs-Élysées, it is lot quieter with lot less tourists; compared to Regent Street, Bond Street or Sloane Street, where you feel that you can not stop, it is more relaxing. Strongly recommended for sales season, as it offers more variaty and less competition! I also like the buildings alongside the street. Those Cafes hidden in the arcades will sooth you in the rainy days.

A few spots where the locals go:

Bar Centrale: A stone's throw away from Maximilian Strasser, this is a buzzy bar with a tiny wooden framed entrance. Inside it is spacious, equipped with bar stools and comfy lounge sofa. I really like "Bar Centrale"s typography combined with its interior- trendy with a nostalgic feeling. There is a record shop on the same street, specialising in jazz and lounge music.

Centrale: Ledererstraße 23, 80331 Munich, Germany

Shirokko Musik:
Ledererstraße 23, 80331 Munich, Germany

Daylesford Organic
: If you miss the life in Notting Hill, just walk to the other side of the same street. In the semi-basement of a beautifully restored historical building, this is apparently the first Daylesford Organic cafe outside of the UK. It is a quiet place for a chit-chat while grabbing a pastry just out of the oven or having a light meal.

Ledererstraße 3, 80331 Munich, Germany


Brenner: is the dinner place of the day. This is an Italian style restaurant specialising in grills. It sits in a very old building in a courtyard just off the Maximilian Strasser.The facade was protected by a newly built glass roof, which has been quite an architecture trend in Holland and Germany for last 10 years. The huge dining place was behind the bar area. Among loosely planned dining tables, there are two open grill platforms. My friend was complaining that during the weekend, it is too noisy here. I couldn't help laughing: With seats protecting privacy and high vaulted ceiling, I can't complain. In London, you might have to pay more attention to your neighbours' elbows than your own food. Apart from the tasty food we ordered, Brenner also has a very long counter serving all kinds of desserts, from fresh
strawberries to classic Tiramisu. Just a perfect finish for a Saturday evening.

Sometimes, it's better traveling without any plans. I was suggested to visit a small town called Freising, locating between the Munich city center and the airport. It w
as a deadly quiet Sunday and nothing was open except a few Cafes and bakery. It took us around 10 minutes to get to the top of this small hill where the Freising Cathedral is. With a long history dated back to Bronze Age, Freising was one of the oldest towns in Bavaria and the religious center in the Middle Age. It also kept a large amount of documents and manuscripts created at that time. The cathedral has one of the most impressively rich decorations in Rococo style.

While we were trying to go back to the
town centre for some food, a small entrance of a restaurant with the menu carefully placed in the glass window caught my eyes. It looked like a typical eatery attached to any touristic attraction. I decided to have a try and I was impressed: there was a very friend waitress who speaks English (Sometimes this is more important than anything when you are abroad). I ordered a Chanterelle salad with pea shoots, which works very well with the dressing. The Schnitzel was juicy and tender, but mind you, the small portion might make you well fed for a big Sunday lunch.

In the end, I realised that this is the restaurant run by one of the most famous beer brewer Weihenstephan. Such a pleasant surprise before I rushed my way to catch the flight back to London.

Next time, I promise more scoops on Munich!

Bräustüberl Weihenstephan
Weihenstephaner Berg 10, 85354 Freising www.brauerei-weihenstephan.de


Monday, 18 July 2011

Cross body bags

I always wondered why fashion is sometimes so uncomfortable. As Coco Chanel once said: "Luxury needs to be comfortable, otherwise is not luxury".  I guess that's what Miu Miu was thinking when they designed this eye candy.

The cross body bag allows me to go shopping and run between meetings with my hands completely free. With its detachable shoulder strap I can wear it across the body and completely multi-task: one hand is on my phone, the other is holding my diary or some shopping. The bag, simultaneosuly, adhorns the left side of my body. Divine.

The red padded leather is very eye-catching which really complements the more vibrant colours I am using during the summer. The only down-side is that it costs 1000 pounds...
but look at the inside of the bag:

It's roomy without being too big, it allows me to separate the objects I need to carry in 3 different compartments. Can I say to myself that I will use it forever and just buy it?

Enjoy it!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Shacklewell Nights

On Friday night I trekked over to Canary Wharf with friends to check out Shacklewell Nights at Restaurants in Residence. As the dinner started at 8pm, we enjoyed Champagne on the terrace overlooking the Thames and the beautiful skyline in the rather blustery wind - rather a mission to stop skirts and dresses blowing up too high.

Our table of eight was called Compliance and so we joined another group which was a French couple visiting their son and his girlfriend. The first course was slow roasted tomatoes with ‘bobby’ beans and slivers of Berkswell cheese – delicious and perfect for whtting the appetite! This was followed by the second starter, a wonderfully summery brown shrimp salad with fennel, onion and cucumber batons drizzled with a chervil, lemony oil dresing - light, refreshing and really tasty.

All dishes come served in two large dishes for each side of the table for you to help yourselves to as much or as little as you fancy. Perfect for our table split of two parties. Wine was available to buy by the bottle with even some half bottles for particular courses, restrained drinkers or those cutting down (me). The main course and pièce de resistence was the shoulder of slow braised lamb with carrots with mint sauce. It was so succulent it was falling of the bone so Jen carved it like peking duck so you can choose which pieces most appeal. Despite its rich flavour and all the courses, it was really moreish, especially the crispy bits of crackling.

Puddings started off with a palate cleanser of peach sorbet with elderflower jus and a shot of peach schnapps on the side - a great plus! Then the final course was meringue doused in slathers of crème Chantilly and summer berries. A taste of summer indeed!

The next one is Bistroteque, on til 28 July. www.restaurantsinresidence.com


Friday, 15 July 2011

Sicilian Holiday (Part 2): Catania - Day 3

Catania - Panoramic View

Last week we wrote about 3 days in Sicily if you are not Berlusconi.
Where to go if you have 1 week?

Let's recap the basics: you landed in Catania Fontanarossa and spent two days relaxing in Taormina. You might have visited Mount Etna if you have been brave enough to dare the heat of a Sicilian summer.
Now that your batteries are fully recharged, go south please!

You will see the less beaten track of Sicily and the landscape, architecture is truly remarkable.

Take a bus from Taormina bus station (it's close to the cable car station) and head to Catania. The trip should take around 1/1.30 hour and it should cost around 10 EUR.

Let's continue on our 7 days trip to Sicily....

Day 3: Catania

"U liotru"
Catania is the second largest Sicilian city and it's a vibrant and buzzing place, full of cultural things to do (although mostly in Italian), amazing architecture and fun night life. Start your sightseeing from the Elephant.  The symbol of the city is "U liotru" in Piazza Duomo. A lovely elephant made of lava stone which holds a marble Egyptian obelisk. This lovely fountain is from the Roman time (circa 1693) and it's worth a stop.
Close by is the Cattedrale di Sant' Agata, an exquisite  example of the difficulties of being a "Catanese" (person from Catania). This church has been rebuilt several times following volcanic eruptions, earthquakes etc. and it stands magnificently on the square - for the time being.
If you still have energies, you can visit
- Piazza stesicoro (Roman archaeological site)
- Piazza Università (pictured below)

- Villa Bellini (a small urban park)
- Castello Ursino

The shopping mecca is Via Etnea for Sicilian high street fashion (pictured on the left hand side) or Corso Italia (high end and more expensive).
Despite common belief, Sicilian are really fashion conscious and you will see the under 30s sporting the coolest trends on the hot and black lava ground.

You MUST try an arancina and a cannolo siciliano.  You just cannot go to Sicily and not try it.
It's the first thing that every Sicilian does when they go back: Local bar, order an Arancina, be happy, go home. It's a ritual.
If you are from London, I can assure you that it's totally different palatal experience from what you tried in Notting Hill or Bayswater.
Arancine Sicilian
 Arancina is a delicious rice ball (savory), the cannolo is, literally, a Sicilian cannon made of pastry full of sweet ricotta cheese. They are both delicious.
Head to Savia for the top of the pop in Sicilian street food (no, no, you will not catch a disease because it's street food. It is professionally made at Savia):
Pasticceria Savia
Via Etnea, 302/304
Kiosk - Stop by for drinks!
If you are thirsty during your sightseeing experience in Catania, stop at one of the local kiosks for a refreshing drink. The most famous is Orzata (lemon based) or Acqua e Zammu` (Anice based). Personally, I prefer the Mandarino Verde one (Mandarin based) which is stronger and more refreshing. There is no alcohol in them as temperature is so high in the summer that it would be madness to drink an alcoholic bomb during the day!
Whatever you choose, just pick one: they are an institution in Sicilians' everyday life and you can't leave Catania unless you tried one.
For the vastest choices of Kiosks, head to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III - They look like in the picture on the left hand side.
Finally, for who is able to understand Italian, please find below the description of Sicily made by one of the most illustrious Sicilian writers: 

 "...Vero è che le Sicilie sono tante, non finiremo mai di contarle. Vi è la Sicilia verde del carrubo, quella bianca delle saline, quella gialla dello zolfo, quella bionda del miele, quella purpurea della lava..." Gesualdo Bufalino

For the rest of the trip, follow this blog next Friday!
Love, Trisori