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Trisori designs and produces jewellery with a view to combining some Italian chic with a London ‘edge’.
At the heart of Trisori are two resourceful and multi-cultural Italians based in London who have nurtured their creativity to craft strong statement pieces inspired by feminine elegance and playfulness.
Our collections are handmade by Italian artisans using high quality semi-precious gemstones which are set in gold-plated designs. Trisori’s uniqueness is apparent in our bold, contemporary and stylish collections which focus on complementing our Clients’ personal style and inner sparkle.

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Trisori is a jewellery brand that combines original Italian style with a touch of "London chic". Founded by a cosmopolitan pair of Italians residing in London, Trisori have developed a flawless ability to create strong statement pieces which retain a sense of elegance and playful femininity. Using high quality semi-precious stones set in gold plated designs, Trisori's handmade pieces are bold, contemporary and stylish. Trisori are unique; they make an effort to truly understand the way in which a woman creates her own personal style and design their jewellery line to compliment just that.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

36 Hours in Munich - It's not always about beer

Munich was voted the best livable city in the world last year by my favorite magazine Monocle. I got a chance to spend a very very short weekend last month and I probably also chose the weekend with the worst weather. However I managed to make most of it and found a few hidden gems. Well I will not bother to share those touristic attractions and the most famous sight-seeing spots. But for a very relaxing weekend, Munich offers no less than Paris!

Maximilian Strasser - Yes, everyone knows it's the posh street with all the designer boutiques. Compared to
Champs-Élysées, it is lot quieter with lot less tourists; compared to Regent Street, Bond Street or Sloane Street, where you feel that you can not stop, it is more relaxing. Strongly recommended for sales season, as it offers more variaty and less competition! I also like the buildings alongside the street. Those Cafes hidden in the arcades will sooth you in the rainy days.

A few spots where the locals go:

Bar Centrale: A stone's throw away from Maximilian Strasser, this is a buzzy bar with a tiny wooden framed entrance. Inside it is spacious, equipped with bar stools and comfy lounge sofa. I really like "Bar Centrale"s typography combined with its interior- trendy with a nostalgic feeling. There is a record shop on the same street, specialising in jazz and lounge music.

Centrale: Ledererstraße 23, 80331 Munich, Germany

Shirokko Musik:
Ledererstraße 23, 80331 Munich, Germany

Daylesford Organic
: If you miss the life in Notting Hill, just walk to the other side of the same street. In the semi-basement of a beautifully restored historical building, this is apparently the first Daylesford Organic cafe outside of the UK. It is a quiet place for a chit-chat while grabbing a pastry just out of the oven or having a light meal.

Ledererstraße 3, 80331 Munich, Germany


Brenner: is the dinner place of the day. This is an Italian style restaurant specialising in grills. It sits in a very old building in a courtyard just off the Maximilian Strasser.The facade was protected by a newly built glass roof, which has been quite an architecture trend in Holland and Germany for last 10 years. The huge dining place was behind the bar area. Among loosely planned dining tables, there are two open grill platforms. My friend was complaining that during the weekend, it is too noisy here. I couldn't help laughing: With seats protecting privacy and high vaulted ceiling, I can't complain. In London, you might have to pay more attention to your neighbours' elbows than your own food. Apart from the tasty food we ordered, Brenner also has a very long counter serving all kinds of desserts, from fresh
strawberries to classic Tiramisu. Just a perfect finish for a Saturday evening.

Sometimes, it's better traveling without any plans. I was suggested to visit a small town called Freising, locating between the Munich city center and the airport. It w
as a deadly quiet Sunday and nothing was open except a few Cafes and bakery. It took us around 10 minutes to get to the top of this small hill where the Freising Cathedral is. With a long history dated back to Bronze Age, Freising was one of the oldest towns in Bavaria and the religious center in the Middle Age. It also kept a large amount of documents and manuscripts created at that time. The cathedral has one of the most impressively rich decorations in Rococo style.

While we were trying to go back to the
town centre for some food, a small entrance of a restaurant with the menu carefully placed in the glass window caught my eyes. It looked like a typical eatery attached to any touristic attraction. I decided to have a try and I was impressed: there was a very friend waitress who speaks English (Sometimes this is more important than anything when you are abroad). I ordered a Chanterelle salad with pea shoots, which works very well with the dressing. The Schnitzel was juicy and tender, but mind you, the small portion might make you well fed for a big Sunday lunch.

In the end, I realised that this is the restaurant run by one of the most famous beer brewer Weihenstephan. Such a pleasant surprise before I rushed my way to catch the flight back to London.

Next time, I promise more scoops on Munich!

Bräustüberl Weihenstephan
Weihenstephaner Berg 10, 85354 Freising www.brauerei-weihenstephan.de


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