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At the heart of Trisori are two resourceful and multi-cultural Italians based in London who have nurtured their creativity to craft strong statement pieces inspired by feminine elegance and playfulness.
Our collections are handmade by Italian artisans using high quality semi-precious gemstones which are set in gold-plated designs. Trisori’s uniqueness is apparent in our bold, contemporary and stylish collections which focus on complementing our Clients’ personal style and inner sparkle.

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Trisori is a jewellery brand that combines original Italian style with a touch of "London chic". Founded by a cosmopolitan pair of Italians residing in London, Trisori have developed a flawless ability to create strong statement pieces which retain a sense of elegance and playful femininity. Using high quality semi-precious stones set in gold plated designs, Trisori's handmade pieces are bold, contemporary and stylish. Trisori are unique; they make an effort to truly understand the way in which a woman creates her own personal style and design their jewellery line to compliment just that.

Monday, 29 August 2011

A Great Run

What makes a good run a great one?

 After returning from another one of my runs elated, someone recently asked me what separates a good run from a great one? This question really got me thinking as I go on runs all the time, nearly every day, but I only really remember a handful of really great runs. One such run was during a frosty English morning in Henley on Thames down by the river. My boyfriend and I charged down the hill to be greeted by the most beautiful view - glistening grass and steam rising off the river. Everything was so peaceful and still, it felt like we had woken up before the entire world, and even though we couldn't feel our fingers or toes it still remains one of the most breathtaking sites I have ever encountered and thus making for a truly inspiring run.

Another recent run that sticks out in my mind was in Los Angeles, a place where I feel totally at home and yet completely in awe of at the same time. This particular run was along Venice and Santa Monica Beach, which still remains as one of my favourite places to run as it just feels so alive with energy and is often graced with LA's glorious sun rays. I was in training for a marathon and ran 18 miles along the pacific coastline, to say that I was driven by the energy of the place may sound completely hippyish but it's true, I was. Well... that and the Blacked Eyed Peas album I had just downloaded. Each song pushed me farther, and allowed my mind to wander. I learnt then that if ever I am not in the mood to run, I should download a few new tunes to get me in the mood - this method still never fails.

The third most wonderful run I have ever been lucky enough to experience would have seem to most as incredibly dull. It was recently in Sydney (which must be home to the world's highest density of runners... they are everywhere) after I had just been given a gorgeous new Lululemon top (one of my new fave brands when it comes to running and yoga gear) and I have no idea why but I just loved running in it! Perhaps because I felt like one of them (a Sydney runner), or it might have been that I felt cool (god, that's sad isn't it?), but for whatever reason I just LOVED running in that top - I still do.

So, with all that in mind, it seems that a few factors can make a run a great one - it may be that you are in a beautiful place, or that your iPod pushes you further than you ever thought you would go, or perhaps you feel chic in your new fitness gear, but a really great run only really happens when you switch off and just totally absorb yourself in it, emerging happier on the other side.



Chicken soup for the second heart

The traditional chinese medicine theory names feet as human's second heart which indicates that the wellbeing of your feet is related to your overall health conditions. Remember Trisori's experience in Bali ("Health: The Balinese Way")? Foot massage in Bali every day will make us bankrupt but we can still indulge our feet and heart in a much easier way without understanding the locations of all the pressure points.

Like hot bath in the tub in the western culture, soaking feet in hot water with salt or other herbal medicine in a wooden bucket is part of Chinese daily life. Our feet, furtherest to our heart, have the responsibility of the circulation of the far end of our body. Because we sit in the office with feet down every day, our feet need to be bettern taken care of in this way or other.

One may say I run everyday and take bath from time to time, wouldn't that be enough? Well, hot water obviously provides a different kind of relaxation and stimulation. Hot bath in the bath tub too frequently is on one hand too exhausting and on the other hand, consuming a lot of time and water. On the contrary, we can soak our feet in the hot water every everyning with limited consumption of time and water.

Here are a few tips for your daily footbath ritual:

  1. The container: The ideal container for footbath is a wooden bucket with the hight of around 35-40cm. Wooden bucket holds the water temperature better than other materials and is easy to clean and maintain. The best material for such bucket is oak, which is however heavy and expensive. The second best choice currently is platycaldus. The reality is, unfortunately, due to different quality standards of wooden products between the EU and Asia, the export of such products has not been very easy. I spent equal amount of money in buying such bucket from China and in delivering it to London. Alternatively, you can easily get a metal bucket (no matter what it is originally designed for) or even a plastic bucket. The water temperature drops faster in metal or plastic buckets though. The key point in my opinion is the hight – make sure that the water level could reach almost your knees. I would not recommend those electronic foot spa which only contains water barely reaching your ankles...

  2. Temperature: 40 – 50C would be warm enough to start with although I personally like soaking my feet in very hot water. Be careful, don't burn your feet!

  3. Time: the whole point is to warm your body through your feet and this usually takes at least 20 minutes if not longer. Usually I will wait till I feel that it start to sweat slightly on my back. Add more hot water when needed.

  4. Recipes: I do free style, with stuff I got from Lush or Bodyshop with pepermint or rose. Essential oils do their job properly as well. I read about adding vinegar into hot water in winter to prevent catching nasty cold which I will try maybe in December!

I guess that's all the “need to know” of a traditional Chinese style of footbath. Now burn a candle or an inscent, pick up a book, it's time to switch off and feed your feet with the chicken soup.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hip Astor

Last week I went to the launch of the new Astor Hip Flask cocktail at The Waldorf Hilton along Aldwych. Not a hotel I’ve actually been to before, but being right in the heart of theatre-land it’s a good one to know about. Following in the trend of all the five star hotels, it has not too long ago been beautifully re-done - well as far as I saw anyway. (Definitely worth another visit to take it all in).

So the new Astor Hip Flask cocktail is available in the Good Godfrey’s bar which is named after Howard Godfrey - the band leader of the hotel band – the ‘Waldorfians’ back in the ‘20s. Designed particularly to appeal to the male species, it’s a bourbon based drink which harks back to the prohibition period, being served from a hip flask. It joins the female focused cocktail – the Refined Madame which is a lighter Tanqueray 10 based drink - a more sophisticated version of the Madame Ginevra and comes served with an atomiser.

The award-winning mixologist, Nelson Bernardes won’t divulge the exact recipe but we are told that the blend is aged in 5l oak barrel for the minimum of a month, to add spicy, nutty notes. To achieve the perfect flavour batches of aged blends are mixed together. To serve, extra bourbon is added and it is poured over ice, you then serve yourself out of the hip flask into a mini shot glass with a bourbon infused cherry.

An Astor Hip Flask costs £15 and for an additional £35 you can take away the hip flask as a souvenir.
Good Godfrey's Bar and Lounge is open:
• Monday to Saturday 8am to 2am
• Sunday 9am to 12 midnight
020 7836 2400


Friday, 26 August 2011

Fur sleeves: New Autumn Trend

Looking at pictures of the AW11, I noticed a certain fil rouge among the various catwalks: fur sleeves.
they might not be the most comfortable accessory present in the fashion scene but they are surely making a statement.
They screem look at me!

I am wondering if  they are going to be a big trend off the catwalks. I like the idea of accessorising a simple dress with gorgeous furry sleeves but do you really want to go around the centre of town with bare arms and furry sleeves?

It's ok, I think, when you are going to a party as they keep you warm and you look stylish. I guess I will keep them for my special occasions and when I want to feel  über cool.

Are you ready to adopt this AW11 trend?

Photos from style.com and coolspotter.com


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday wardrobe - key pieces

Due to the amount of Travelling I have done recently my attention has been absorbed by the latest and hottest holiday wardrobes that are on the market right now. With that in mind I wanted to put together a go to guide on the must have items to suit a range of different trips:

City Slicker: The Bag
The most important item in your suitcase for a city break has to be the bag. It can make or break your city exploring. It is critical that both style and size is thought about at great length when purchasing your ideal bag... too small and you will find yourself carrying your guidebook around with you and yet too large and you accumulate unnecessary weight. The perfect city bag needs to be light, have a zip, look stylish yet be practical. It has to be large enough to carry your sunglasses, guide book, purse, tissues, make up, a good lip balm and suncream, and it should also have handles large enough to carry on your shoulder. In other words, it should be beautiful and not a burden.

My Fave: Lonchamp, Le Pliage, £48

Beach Chic: The kaftan

For hot holidays on desert islands it is all about the kaftan. Floaty, comfortable and light, the kaftan can hide a manner of all sins - perfect for long, indulgent holiday lunches. A dash of colour, print or all white, it is up to you and whatever look you are channeling. A bit of texture, such as beads or embroidery always works well on simple styles to give it that little bit of embellishment. The key thing about a kaftan is that they should be casual enough to wear on the beach over a swimsuit but also smart enough to team with jeans and espadrille wedges for drinks at sunset. Add an oversized basket for good measure and you have the perfect holiday beach combo.

My Fave: Melissa Odabash, Liz kaftan, £212.80

Jungle Fever: The Jumpsuit

Despite what many explorers would have you think, it doesn't have to be all khaki and ugly walking boots in a jungle environment. Believe it or not, you can actually look trendy - so those photos of you by that waterfall need not be restricted to a dusty album. Enter the jumpsuit. Made of light fabric, this outfit will restrict the amount of flesh on show resulting in better protection from nasty insects, whilst also keeping you cool. And the best thing about it? The nature of this all-in-one style means that you won't get any horrid spiders crawling down your bum crack!

My Fave: Topshop, Oriental Print Jumpsuit, Now only £20


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Autumn/Winter Collections - If you can't beat them, join them

August is always a strange time of year for fashion – as we mortals are still clinging on to the last strands of summer, the fashion world has unhesitatingly moved onwards and upwards into autumn. And whilst summer sales make everything we want and need right now cheaper, you can’t help but notice that shops have already started to gear up for winter, altogether altering the look and feel of your entire shopping experience. Thus, we are thrust into autumn prematurely and all of a sudden I start thinking about what winter coat I’m going to buy, before I check myself and realise that the reason I came to Selfridges in the first place was to purchase some suncream. Anyone else confused.com?

Perhaps it’s time to become more forward thinking; after all, the autumn/winter collections on the runways are filled with beautiful and daring things. So, with that in mind, here is a round up of my favourite top three trends thatwill soften the blow of summer’s end.

No one can beat the flair and enthusiasm of Mary Katrantzou’s unique print designs. Her clothes remind me of the film, The Sound of Music, when Maria makes all the children’s clothes out of curtain. I can only wonder what would have happened to that family if it had been Kantrantzou behind the fabric scissors – we would pay less attention to their songs, that’s for sure. Marni too has been doing some exciting things with print, but in a much more subtle and elegant way – particularly the knee length dresses. Divine.

I am not normally turned on by statement pieces, but this fetish trend has flipped me completely, with designers such as Giles Deacon and even Ralph Lauren bringing sexy back. I am especially lusting after a Ralph Lauren black leather dress –so smooth and ever so slightly naughty.

In my eyes, Chanel can do no wrong. I always fall victim to the beautiful texture and patterns of it’s signature looks and then when it branches out and does something different I fall head over heals for that too. This season, Chanel’s catwalks were unquestionably in line with Coco Chanel’s much-loved androgynous look. Oversized rolled up trousers matched were teamed with the signature Chanel jacket gave the whole collection a very feminine take on the boy/girl thing. Stella McCartney also produced some fantastic ‘pant suits’; never before has it been more apt, or stylish, for a woman to wear the trousers. 

So, like with most things in life, if you can’t beat them, then you’ll have to join them. So I surrender myself to the endless new winter looks flooding the highstreets right now, and when my heart calls out for new winter boots (like those seen at Victoria Beckham’s New York show) I don’t protest, and when that winter coat comes knocking at my door (courtesy of net-a-porter; oversized Chole – I have my eye on you) I shall rejoice and not curse the winter months ahead.


Monday, 22 August 2011

Berlin Berlin – how to discover it like a local?

The one week I spent in Berlin gave me a chance to experience the city in a way I like – without reading too much guide book and just wander around and get lost. Sometimes, you have nice surprises, and if not, just continue walking.

My first night was actually spent in a hotel working. Hotel Lux 11 seems a trendy boutique one with a lot of spot lighting in the lobby. Lux doesn't stand for “Luxury”, but the location as it sits in Rosa-Luxembourg Straße, very close to the “The Fernsehturm”, the TV tower.

The building was the former HQ of KGB, hence there was a hint from the reception: Don't complain if anything doesn't work. Luckily, the single room is actually a studio apartment with a full kitchenette including stove, microwave, coffee machine and fridge. All kitchenware is well stored in the cupboards, all German quality. The room itself is spacious enough and well designed in a contemporary style – a wash sink next to your bed and a shower space behind a glass wall. Sometimes, it might be too well designed: I had to call the reception to find how to switch off all the lights – the last button is hidden in my bedside table.

Overall it can be a comfortable choice for not too fussy travellers. The bonus points are definitely given to the considerable kitchenette and the restaurant in the ground floor, perfect for breakfast or light lunch.

Lux 11 www.lux-eleven.com

An alternative way to start a morning is to have a big Viennese brunch in Cafe Einstein, not the one in the central Unter den Linden. Hidden in a villa in a very quiet street close to Tiergarten, the Cafe has a typical Viennese style with high ceiling and brown-toned decoration. If you don't like a brunch with cheese, smoked salmon and cold meats, a German portion of veal schnitzel is also a popular choice by tables around me. The coffee menu might be a bit more complicated if you don't speak the language. Apparently all Caffee Latte, Cappuccino or Espresso Macchiato have their German terms.

Cafe Einstein Stammhaus
Kurfürstenstraße 58
10785 Berlin

Now I would like to share with you my favorite neighbourhood in Berlin: Gipsstrasse and Weinmeisterstrasse.

This neighbourhood is 5 minutes walking away from the popular Hackesche Höfe but on the quiet side. A more local Sophie-Gips-Höfe together with both Sophiestrasse and Gipsstrasse is a real hidden gem with cafes, galleries, conception stores and restaurants. One side of the street there are cool shops selling books, crafts and designer clothes, on the other side, there is just a normal community garden for residents. There are just so many things to discover around there. You will see people relaxing outside of Cafe Altes Europa or sipping a noodle soup in the courtyard seat of Ramen Cocolo. All vivid and lively. More surprisingly, in a shop next to the courtyard cafe Barcomi's, I found a London map which is made of water-proofed fabric. You can squeeze it, rub it and put it any where like your tiny jeans pocket and don't have to fold it properly. I got it as a gift for my friends in Berlin and also as an invitation for them to visit London.

Bonus: Hotel Casa Camper would be a best choice if you want to explore the area.



Sunday, 21 August 2011

Bassoon Bar But With a Piano

Founded by the Pisani family of Malta, it follows that the Corinthia hotel has a general air of sumptuousness. Despite the fact that the board is comprised of Libyan Government and the Libyan Arab Foreign Investment Company (Lafico) is a major investor in the hotel, we are apparently told, the day-to-day operations of the hotel are not affected and it seems not either.

The bar itself, designed by David Collins, is made up of a 7 metre grand piano which can actually be played (we declined the offer) although it was somewhat disappointing that there wasn’t a designated person tapping away on the keys as there often are in these places. Perhaps we came at the wrong time for this. Not sure I personally went for the art hung on the walls, but the overall effect worked well together.

The cocktail menu is quite vast, offering a range of ‘classic and bespoke’ cocktails. All these come with a small tower of snacks – chilli rice crackers, mixed salted nuts and olives although on the back of the menu was an intriguing chocolate menu, explaining that as the cocoa was mixed with water, it was really light. Something to be tried another time!

There are definitely a few interesting observations about the place. When I enquired about the Kings Speech cocktail being in relation to the film, I was told that the cocktail was indeed named after what was served at the premiere after party. The actual bar is a sweet shop for cocktail aficionados, crammed with a multitude of different bottles to mix each drink to perfection (worth the wait) – with a couple of barrels of the house vermouth perched atop which we were offered a taste of - out of the most exquisite mini silver tumblers may I add. Perhaps Vermouth will become one of the next trends to be revived?

Opening Hours
Sunday – Thursday 16.00 – midnight
Friday & Saturday 16.00 – 01.00


Friday, 19 August 2011

Bag or no bag on the beach?

A summer bag is crucial. The choice of this accessory can make your life on the beach a pleasant and stylish experience or just simply an experience.

I was strolling in Milan centre last week, when I saw this bag on the window of Tosca Blu.
I couldn't help but notice how this bag combines the block colour trend  of this summer together with the knitted trend.
The size is also great. It's big enough to store all your sun creams and books but not enormous that it will weight tons and tons when you fill it with "stuff" (and we all know that the bigger the bag the more we carry!).

My favourite is the yellow one. You can combine it with a Pucci scarf or wear it as it is. It looks great either ways.
Although, some of you might prefer the green version below:

The price is also a wow factor. You can have this lovely bag for 54 Euros. It is true, thought, that it is so cheap because it's 50% off... but I am not fussy..

What more do you need for your summer holiday?


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Health: The Balinese Way

During my recent holiday in Bali I became quite ill, although by no means serious falling sick on holiday is one of the most depressing things that can happen to you. Staying indoors in a sleepy state whilst all you can hear is the splash of the pool, the ping pong of the table tennis ball and the sounds of everyone else having the time of their lives is enough to make you feel even worse. It started with tummy cramps and then quickly developed to all over body ache and a horrendous pain and pressure in my head, as if I was coming down with something. I didn’t have any of my usual things that would normally get me through it or make me feel better so I had to rely on the Bali way of doing things… and to my sheer delight it worked!

Firstly, I was brought a fresh mint tea, which I sipped on throughout the day and helped hydrate my body. The tea was great as it eased my tummy pains almost instantly and was a pleasant change to water, which I was getting very bored of.

Secondly, my boyfriend persuaded me to have a Balinese massage. Having someone touch my body, let alone massage it was the last thing I wanted so when the lovely Balinese lady came to my room I told her what was wrong and asked her to be very gentle, she then got to work on my feet straight away. As she pressed and poked different areas in my feet I felt acute pain in different parts of my body and the foot itself and then as she let go I felt the tension release. For my head she worked hard at my big toe, pulling and prodding it and it certainly felt much more sensitive than normal. She then worked her way around the rest of my foot concentrating on different areas, often guided my by various grimaces of pain. The small intestine is connected to the soft, middle part, which lies on the inside of the foot it was here that I felt the pain most and the instant release of pain in my tummy. I could feel the cramps relaxing.

After the reflexology, the wonderful Balinese masseuse, who I now completely trusted, moved up to my head to relive some of the pressure there. Using pure eucalyptus oil she literally pushed away all the tension I was feeling, working around my sinuses and applying a deep but comfortable pressure to my forehead. Just when I was starting to enjoy it her phone alarm went off “That it. Massage over. You better?” Actually, remarkably, yes I am better. I felt great. I had just had the pain pummeled from my body and felt much lighter and awake. Just in time to enjoy a lovely evening of delicious Indonesian food.


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Espadrills with all the frills

I love holidays... snoozes by the pool, fruit and coffee for breakfast, the sound of lapping waves and the excuse to completely and utterly relax. Everything slows down about ten notches, and it allows for you to do things that you could never do at home, like sleep for the best part of a sunny afternoon, and when it comes to fashion it allows you to wear a completely different wardrobe. For some people it's all about wearing the best bikinis or dressing up for cocktails but for me its all about being as casual as possible. And one thing that looks out of place anywhere but on holiday are Espadrills - the perfect accompaniment to any chill out holiday and these laid back shoes are best worn in the sun. Something about their canvas fabric and jute sole makes them go with everything when on holiday and the wedged version oozes by the sea glamour. Originally from the Pyrenees, espadrills have now gone global and people from South America to Bali is channelling the discreet but chic shoe. Forever in fashion and great when your dashing, I've picked some of my faves below.

The idea for this fab brand started with an American traveller called Blake who discovered that a lot of kids in Argentina had no shoes to protect their feet so he created TOMS, and with every pair you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need. They have a great range of colours and patterns to choose from and are easily purchased online. www.toms.com

Ok, so not strictly espadrills, well, actually not espadrills at all - these are actually called alpargatas, but they have the same holiday vibe about them and their soft canvas upper, cotton lining and cushioned leather insole make them impossibly comfortable. Inspired by Argentinian gauchos and made in Argentina, but brought to you by a British guy, Paez is committed to making sure its employees are as healthy and happy as possible. www.paezshoes.com

Priding themselves on five centuries of tradition, Soludos have created a trendy shoe that is perfect for beachside living. Their website is as cool as the shoes that they sell, with achingly chilled beach shots and an equally relaxed holiday soundtrack. Soludos shoes are made from a natural jute sole and breathable cotton upper, and the warning that these shoes are not for working out but for chilling out says it all. www.soludos.com

Monday, 15 August 2011

Bee good - My skincare recipes with honey

I went to visit a Taiwanese facial masseuse who used to be a ballet dancer the other day for her signature facial treatment. When I asked her to recommend a hydration facial mask to deal with my dehydrated skin with breakout problem, she said, why don't you try honey?

For people like me, using natural remedies as part of daily skincare routine means spending a lot more time. I was curious enough to give a try, assuming that honey is something can only do me good. I was more convinced after doing some research online: Honey has natural antioxidant and anti-microbial properties, which explains that honey does not really "expire" as long as it is stored properly. It also attracts and contains moisture. After a few weeks' of experiments, I would like to share the following

1)Honey facial mask with essential oilsl - hydration

Manuka Honey Active:
People claim that unprocessed honey provides better effect than the processed honey. While it is rather difficult to tell among all kinds of honey jars, I went for Manuka Active 10+ as a safe choice. The thicker texture of Manuka honey is also better for topical usage (thinking about your face flooding with sticky sweet honey?)

Essential Oil:
Depends on your skin type, a few drops of essential oil can be added into the honey mask: Almond or jojoba oil for a bit dry skin; lavender or rose oil can be added for balancing the oily skin. I am usually very careful about using essential oil for topical use and make sure that you choose the top quality ones such as Jurlique or Neal's Yard Remedies.

Squeeze about 5 grams (or two tea spoons) Manuka honey into a small tea cup and add three drops of essential oils ( I used tea tree oil and lavender oil). Start with small dose and try more if you feel it is needed. Use a tea spoon and stire the mixture well as these two do not naturally mix. The easy way to put the freshly made mask is to spread a thin layer of the mixture to the face using the oval side of the tea spoon. Unlike other masks, this honey mask can stay on your face as long as possible. Usually I put it on for at least an hour before rinse it off with warm water. It had a bit tingling sensation for the first time but everything was fine afterwards.

Although it takes long to see the effect when using natural remedies for skincare, I feel my skin smoother immediately after washing it off. What I also like is that the skin is left nourished but not greasy.

2) Honey facial mask with Motherwort:

Although typically used to improve women's health in the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, Motherwort is also recommended as a blood invigorator. A honey facial mask with Motherwort syrup would accelerate the circulation and improve the uneven tone of the skin.

I have to admit that preparing the skin care products yourself takes more time and energy and most importantly your patience. But it was indeed the lengthy process itself which calm myself down after a long busy day. Who says this is not a double healing?

For more information:


Sunday, 14 August 2011

Great Scott!

This weekend I was lucky enough to be invited by one of my friends to the newly opened Marcus Wareing Gilbert Scott restaurant housed in the recently restored St Pancras Renaissance hotel. A good excuse to have a snoop around the hotel also!

En route to the restaurant through the hotel, one very much gets the sense of being in a 'Gothic Revival' building with dark corridors on coloured tiled floors and wallpapered walls. It looks lavish but true to the style of that period. The restaurant was historically the coffee room in the old days of the Victorian hotel and thus named after the famed architect, Gibert Scott who won the competition set by Midland Railway for his design for an 150 room hotel to go alongside St Pancras station back in 1865.

Described on the website as having a "sense of grandeur in a relaxed and informal brasserie-like setting" is rather apt as the high ceilings and elaborate frieze are somewhat juxtaposed against the simpler furniture reminiscent of the old fashioned carriages. But this classicism together with the charm of the waiters & waitresses is endearing and their efficiency faultless - I loved that the waiter spotted the chorizo that had flown of my fork onto the floor and swifty swept it up in his hands.

The menu is pure heaven, a delight for culinary bold & daring (me) with a plethora of enticingly interesting options - razorclams, licolnshire haslet, different salad combinations yet mixed in with a few old favourites - brown & forrest salmon and london pride battered cod with chips. It details dishes as being inspired by old english cuisine and names renowned old cooks such as Isabelle Beeton and John Nott whose spatchcock inspired chicken was divine with an unctious lemon and herb gremolata. I couldn't really fault the food at all apart from personal preference (I like my chicken skin uber crispy!) Even the accompaniments were varied and inspired. Juicily griddles courgette chunks and pease puding for the nostalgic.

I would most defintely return in a flash at the merest suggestion of visiting the place - also to the pub on the other side with picnic benches outside. I have already sold the restaurant to my brother to take his wife or our parents maybe partly though as he knows that they serve Mrs Beeton's Snow Eggs!



Friday, 12 August 2011

The summer hat

I am still gathering my summer wardrobe for my next trip ( I know I am counting the days...) and I found this lovely green hat in the ASOS website.

It's a lovely shade of green and I am kind of obsessed with this vibrant colour.
It looks good on you when you are pasty white and it will look great with a bit of tan too.

It also helps shading your face from the sun so to avoid the annoying damages that can be caused by over exposure.

Wear it with a short linen white dress (as I would do) or with a long summer dress if temperature permits so.
It's a flashback to the 70s and I can totally see myself on the Italian riviera with maxy sun glasses the white dress and green hat.

With a very affordable price of 20 pounds, I am very happy with the choice!

Enjoy the sun!


Thursday, 11 August 2011

In-flight beauty tips

Over the past couple of weeks I have taken three different flights and I am due to do two more before the month is over. Besides being absolutely terrified of flying (even though I have enough stamps in my passport to rival George Clooney in Up In The Air) I also hate what flying does to your skin, eyes and immune system. It is an unfair fact of life that when I get off the plane I will look tired, pale, spotty and often disheveled where as the air hostesses all bound through customs looking well rested and ready for the day. With that in mind I decided to ask around what other people's in flight essentials are in order to put together an easy-to-implement beauty routine that helps with all the problems that air travel can through at you....and here is what I found:

Top of the list has to be keeping yourself well hydrated. As soon as you step foot in an airport you begin to get dehydrated - this is because of two things; the air con and the stress of travelling. Staying well-hydrated is so important, as it can lead to all sorts of nasty things if you don't such as DVTs and kidney stones. So, make sure that you drink loads of water the day before you travel - giving your body the best possible chance to begin with and then constantly sip on a bottle of water throughout the flight itself. A great tip is to pack a lemon or some fresh mint leaves in your carry on and add this to your bottled water to give your water some taste.

Move & Massage
Every half an hour or so get up and go for a walk. Stretch and massage your legs as much as possible - it will keep the blood flowing and get the circulation going, reducing the risk of DVTs and swollen ankles. Through in a yoga pose if you are brave enough.

Rescue Remedy
If you're a bit of a white-knucle rider like me, than Bach's Rescue Remedy is a great way to calm the nerves and help you relax. It's made up of five individual flower essences that help you cope with different stressful situations; rock rose helps you to deal with feelings of panic and terror and the cherry plum assists with irrational thoughts and lack of self control. Just add a few drops to your tongue every couple of hours on the flight to steady those nerves.

Eight Hour Cream
This is an inflight essential as it can be used for anything, anywhere and is a great rehydration tool for your skin. Use it on chapped lips, dry or tired eyes, blisters, sunburnt skin or for quick beauty fix it can also be used as a lip gloss.

Origin's No Puffery Cooling Eye Mask
Because of the dehydration and the pressure that flying puts on our bodies it can often result in puffyiness, and because you may get some odd looks if you were to put cucumber slices on your eyes in flight, apply this mask instead; It uses well-known aloe vera and cucumber to cool the eye area and get rid of puffiness and the yeast extract it contains will banish bags, leaving you alltogether brighter and fresher. 

Moisturising is key to maintaining the healthy glow you have gained on the holiday. Just keep applying it. 

What to wear
Take a stylish pashmina with you for in flight chills, as it can then also double up as a stylish through post-flight. I love the original Sonya Madden cardi-wrap, which has sleeves for ease.

Jet Lag
To ease jet lag on the other side don't drink alcohol as it certainly won't make you feel good and eat a banana on the plane as it helps to restore and maintain your body's sodium and potassium levels, which in turn promotes healthy sleeping patterns.

book the window seat on a daytime flight as you'll find it the perfect place to pluck your eyebrows. The light is AMAZING as you are so up high close to the sun it shows EVERYTHING up, just make sure the person sitting next to you cant see what you are doing!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Bring my glow back

We know foundations and blushes are cosmetic, so we step on treadmills and bend our bodies in the yoga room. Above all, I believe a proper massage can do something different and special. I am not talking about one pouring body oil to your body and sliding fingers on your back, but something deeply soothing and release all the tense.

A few months ago, I tried a promotion offer in Chuan Spa, a spa sitting in Langham Hotel in Portland Place, which offers massage combined with Chinese medicine philosophy. I'd never had a satisfactory massage experience in London, hence was rather taking myself as a human guinea pig.

The whole treatment started with a quiz of your life style, emotion and other seemingly random questions. Then from the answers, the therapist is able to find out which element I am lack of, out of five elements in Chinese Traditional Medicines: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. It seemed that I need a bit of "earth", hence more earthy ingredients were added to my treatment oil. It sounds like a cheesy game to play with but later my Chinese doctor confirmed that I need earth element to cure my weak digestion system. Well this is another story.

Before the massage, the therapist warmed my feet with hot towel which i liked very much and i was also taking a few round breathing exercises to get my whole body more prepared to the treatment.

The overall massage takes about 1.5 hour, including an express facial, which I don't think is their forte. An hour massage-only treatment might be a better deal in my opinion. What I like about Chuan's massage is really the therapist's techniques which combine deep tissue massage and shiatsu. Such style not only relaxed my massively tensed neck and shoulders by pressing the relevant points, but also soothed the whole body, from the head to toe. The relief came from inside of my body and the amazing thing was that I saw my face glowing after the treatment.

There are lots of Groupon Spa deals these days and I even tried a few. My conclusion is to save the money for the proper one. In the end, it is the treatment which will make the difference.

Tips: Use the complementary jacuzzi and sauna before the treatment, which relax the muscles and help benefit the massage the most. One also needs greater patience with the receptionists, although I hope they work in a better way now.


Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend in Verona

We arrived in Verona at Piazza Erbe and as instructed called the owner of the B&B who said it was difficult to find and so came to collect us, not usual B&B style to be so friendly, but I could see why as it was through an arcade round the other side and in front of the 'pozzo degli amanti' (lovers' well so called as one threw themself down there after the other) and we soon discovered inside that it was most definitely not a B&B! But something far more worthy - an art&design B&B with a view.

So it turns out that the owner had managed to double book - so he upgraded us to the most luxrious bedroom that I can only describe as antique chic. Not many places can pull this off and most likely not unless they are in Italy (Palazzo Tornabuoni, Florence for example). I've never been so glad that someone has made a mistake before! The view being incredible from our infinite windows and a room to die for as well as two bathrooms. Each piece of furniture is either an antiquity or a design piece - Louis V Ghost chairs for example. Even the art hanging frm the walls was desirable.

Probably what struck me most was the fact that the room had been built originally in 1636 and trasnformed into the modern looking antiquity that it is. Complete with everything that you need including aircon and a covetable smeg fridge full of chilled bottles of water etc. Actually it's so cool, that you feel bad putting your things anywhere and its so designy that you don't know where to put your make-up.

So after a day's shopping, a much needed shower, with a glass ceiling that was part of the floor of our room, we headed out to dinner at the beautiful Tre Marchetti near the 'Arena' for the opera. If I could create a restaurant, this would be it. Stunning murals on the walls, exquisite place settings, divine food - mixed smoked fish followed by stuffed squid and moreish petits fours or dolcetti all with a maitre d' who spouts into operatic overtones during dinner.

Afterwards we headed to the opera ground to see Aida and after having queued each of us for the bathroom for so long, were placed on seats near the entrance, which proved rather noisy but also provided light for following the programme. Definitely tougher than I had realised, but delightful nevertheless - the scenery was incredible with an enormous amount of dancing. Sadly we had to wait a while until the drops of rain stopped after the last interval, but mexican waves around the arena made up for it!