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Trisori designs and produces jewellery with a view to combining some Italian chic with a London ‘edge’.
At the heart of Trisori are two resourceful and multi-cultural Italians based in London who have nurtured their creativity to craft strong statement pieces inspired by feminine elegance and playfulness.
Our collections are handmade by Italian artisans using high quality semi-precious gemstones which are set in gold-plated designs. Trisori’s uniqueness is apparent in our bold, contemporary and stylish collections which focus on complementing our Clients’ personal style and inner sparkle.

We hope you will enjoy following our blog, where we write about some of the things we like.

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Trisori is a jewellery brand that combines original Italian style with a touch of "London chic". Founded by a cosmopolitan pair of Italians residing in London, Trisori have developed a flawless ability to create strong statement pieces which retain a sense of elegance and playful femininity. Using high quality semi-precious stones set in gold plated designs, Trisori's handmade pieces are bold, contemporary and stylish. Trisori are unique; they make an effort to truly understand the way in which a woman creates her own personal style and design their jewellery line to compliment just that.

Monday, 30 April 2012

The New Breton Top

Nothing says summer chic quite like the Breton stripe shirt. The classic white and navy horizontally striped tops were traditionally worn by the French sailors and then later championed as a fashion must-have by the one and only Coco Chanel.


Nowadays they are a classic summer wardrobe staple and a personal favourite of mine; relaxed, easy to wear and effortlessly stylish. This season, however, the classic Breton has been given a colourful makeover.

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel’s powder blue and emerald satin top is a dressy take on the classic sailor's shirt, but the fresh colours and loose cut keep it casual enough for daytime. A perfect match for my white jeans this summer.

From DKNY, this vibrant red and blue stretch silk top takes it up a notch in the colour stakes! The bold colours are statement enough so I’d pair this with dark jeans and a couple of Trisori’s Sofia bangles for a clean and laid back summer look.

Meanwhile, Yves Saint Laurent has channelled the fishing village origins of the Breton top with these two striped offerings:

Casual but colourful, the rope print is a playful twist on the traditional stripes. The gypsy style cut makes it easy to wear despite the bold pattern and can’t you just imagine yourself in one of these, a pair of Jackie O style sunnies, sipping a pastis on the french riviera? Here’s to dreams coming true!


Sunday, 29 April 2012


Westminster's Michelin starred south Indian restaurant Quilon has just re-launched, having  under-gone a three month re-furb with traditional decor and features as well as a new 'Q bar' to hang out in, giving locals both a new drinking spot as well as a private dining area, complete with an Indian fishing boat.

Owned by the Taj Group, this is actually the first overhaul that the interior has seen in 12 years by designLSM. Jaali or latticed screens master the traditional inspiration combined with a bespoke candle wall with flickering tea-lights. Then there are over 1,000 individual hand-printed ceramic tiles placed just so to resemble fish scales, this together with fabrics imported from India and the fishing boat reflect Quilon’s coastal roots.

But for me, the all important is that the bar has a new menu - both drinks and food, which Executive Chef Sriram Aylur has carefully selected with the help of MW Peter McCombie. It boasts over 135 well-known wine bins from well-known producers in addition to smaller 'boutique vineyards'. But those that aren't as fond of the grape will be pleased with the whisky menu (well my mother would be) with over 50 varieties and over 20 different beers. There’s even spicy inspired cocktails like the signature ‘Quojito’.

The bar canapĂ© menu has been specially created so that you can have a small taster of the style of their dishes even if you’re not sitting down for a full meal – great for a light snack or sharing plates to sample the wonderful Michelin starred cuisine. Dishes include crispy fried spiced silver fish; tamarind glazed chicken winglets; semolina chips with tomato chutney and batter fried plaintain, asparagus and baby carrot with artichoke dip, all very reasonably priced.

I would say more, but you should go and try for yourself, especially as the staff are delightful also.

Quilon, 41 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AF, http://www.quilon.co.uk/ 020 7821 1899


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Inspiration of the Month: Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick was a model and socialite who was best known for being the star of some of Andy Warhol's famous films. With her short, boyish haircut and her distinctive, large chandelier earrings and necklaces she became a fashion icon.

In this picture we can see an example of her plain and simple clothing highlighting her earrings and long necklace she is wearing - an adaptation of the simple crucifix. Her t-shirt and leggings are already a popular combination at the moment which makes this combination particularly inspirational for the upcoming summer weather.

This picture shows just how striking and effective long earrings can be. Long and big earrings can sometimes be thought of as slightly coarse but this picture shows that they can be used as the centrepiece for a fantastic outfit. Edie's earrings were almost always made out of light and simple materials, which makes her style easy to emulate, as well as comfortable.
Edie's necklaces were sometimes outrageous and effortlessly impressive. Creativity was the key to Edie's popularity and this incredible example shows us why. It is truly something special and has inspired us to create statement pieces in our collection as we think that women should be centre stage - something, we feel, that can be achieved through our jewellery. Try Trisori's bubbles set for a maximum impact:

Friday, 27 April 2012

Love of the week: Beach body (how to get 1 in 3 weeks)

With not long to go until your holiday you may realise you need to get in shape! In as little as three weeks you can have a bikini body that’s beach ready.

Start with some gentle exercise, thirty minutes walking each day will tone up legs, hips and arms. Exfoliate regularly in the shower to buff up ready for safe tanning, using a product such as Body Drench Quick Tan preparation scrub.

On week two, speed up your daily walk or try some gentle jogging. If you are running, remember to stretch out before and after to avoid sore muscles. Weights are ideal for toning up arms, you don’t need to go to a gym, use heavy items in your home like bags of potatoes or tins of beans. Sit-ups will also help to tone your stomach, creating enviable abs.

Start to incorporate healthy eating and with less than a week to go before you hit the beach, make sure you are concentrating on your meals.

Drinking water and eating smaller portions at regular intervals get your metabolism in shape. For silky smooth legs, don't forget to use the Body Drench Scrub before hand to rid your legs of any dead cells.

With all of your efforts in exercise and healthy eating, you’ll not just be ready for the beach but you’ll feel great from the inside out.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

3 tips to care for your gold plated jewellery

Gold plated jewellery is created by covering a base metal with a layer of gold. As this gold layer is subject to wear and tear, it is good practise to apply the following tips to prolong the beauty and shine of your jewellery.
Here are three tips to help you to care for your gold plated jewellery:

Keep Your Jewellery Away From Hard Surfaces

Bumps and scratches will speed up the time that it takes for the gold layer to wear away. For this reason, it is essential for you to wear your gold plated jewellery with care. When not in use, store your jewellery in its original box or wrap it up in soft material to prevent it from suffering from scratches.

Keep Your Jewellery Clean

Use a damp cotton cloth to wipe down your jewellery. This will eliminate any dirt and dust that has accumulated on the surface. Refrain from wiping or rubbing your jewellery more often than necessary as this can contribute to the wearing of the gold layer. Never use abrasive metal cleaners on your jewellery as they will wear away the gold plating.

Restore Your Jewellery’s Shine
Use a non-abrasive polishing cloth designed specifically for use with gold plated jewellery to gently rub your jewellery in a circular motion to restore its shine.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Cropped Tops: Do You Dare to Bare?

While, up to now, cropped tops have largely been the preserve of the very young, very toned or very brave, this season they are going fashion mainstream! Whether in prints, pastels or monochrome the bra top featured heavily in the spring/summer collections of scores of the top fashion houses, including Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci, Helmut Lang, Prada and Viktor & Rolf.
The easiest and most flattering way to wear the style has to be paired with a full, high-waisted skirt, baring just a flirty flash of skin on the upper midriff. Arguably the most forgiving area of midriff to display for most of us mere mortals.

Keep the look simple and understated in a monochrome palette as seen at Donna Karan Collection. The tribal print and accessories ensure that the retro inspired silhouette stays fresh and interesting.

For those who feel more bold (or more toned) this evening, bandeau style in complementary cherry red and burgundy from Prada, may be for you. The subtle ruching lends a grown up edge to the youthful cut.
Alternatively, pair with trousers and wear under sheer summer layers and soft tailoring for demure chic a la Helmut Lang, seen below.

The asymmetrical cut and sports luxe twist make this an ideal understated undergarment for bold, sheer styles. And if, like me, you are starting to plan your crop-top-ready sit up regime, at least you need look no further for on trend workout wear!



Friday, 20 April 2012

Love of the week: Scarf prints

This season, scarf print is back and what better way to celebrate than with this luxurious, silk D&G blouse?
Offering a bold alternative to the pastel shades and flouncy materials creeping their way into our Spring/Summer 12 wardrobes, this statement piece exudes the powerful femininity reminiscent of scarf print’s original glory days of the eighties. Both loose fitting and tailored in all the right places, this gorgeously versatile blouse can be worn any way imaginable. Wear buttoned only so far as to reveal a little dĂ©colletage, with skinny trousers and heels for an effortlessly cool and irresistible style, under an on-trend peter pan collar sleeveless shift dress to perk up office wear, or stick with the relaxed and glamorous loose fit tailoring theme and team the blouse with a pair of palazzo trousers for a look to compliment every age and shape. To face this season’s big trend head-on, clash the striking colours of this key piece by mixing and matching with other patterns and be sure to accessorise!

The Marisa bracelet in black, from trisori.com, is the perfect adornment; the delicate style of the bracelet lends an elegant touch, while the resemblance of the well-recognised chain scarf print accentuates the print detail of the blouse.   

Monday, 16 April 2012

Dolce & Gabbana: Looking Good Enough to Eat

For their spring/summer 2012 collection, Domenico and Stefano took very direct inspiration from Italian food when they brought us their collection entitled ‘Bread, Love and Italian Beauty’.
In keeping with the retro feel of many spring/summer collections this year, cute cocktail dresses and flirty, full-skirted two pieces are the name of the game here. However, take note, for this is retro styling with a difference: traditional 50’s floral prints have been shunned in favour of somewhat unexpected, bright and bold vegetable designs.

Ripe aubergines, red onions, plump tomatoes, blooming courgettes and hot chili peppers abound. Italian love of food in wearable form. This isn’t your standard retro focused collection; this is a wonderfully fresh way to wear the superlatively feminine silhouettes of the season. And while head-to-toe in veg may not be to everyones sartorial taste, surely paying homage to the trend in foodie accessories is only polite?

This pepper print, silk satin scarf from Dolce & Gabbana would bring mediterranean spice to a fresh white shirt. Perfect with capri jeans, a la Sophia Loren, and the Trisori Maui ring in Orange.

Alternatively, the duo’s tomato print cotton canvas tote is an ideal carry all for the summer, whether you are carrying your fresh produce home from the market or just your wallet down Bond Street.

I’ve always felt that there is something about having a passion for food that indicates a love of life. And this season it’s a love that I plan, quite literally, to wear on my sleeve.



Sunday, 15 April 2012

Soif - a thirst for wine

Opened up not so long ago on the old site of Giraffe on Battersea Rise is Soif - a very French feeling wine bar from the Terroirs and Brawn group. The philisophy being the same as that for Terroirs - 'Great food and great wine sourced with an eager eye for provenance'. In reality though, food doesn't just com from France - there are both Italian and Spanish origin dishes and ingredients, to be combined together with wine as you please.

With relaxed seating - a sofa and coffee table, barrel tables with high stools as well as standard tables and chairs or banquettes, it is quirky and homely looking - like a real French local with paraphenalia littering the bar. There's a small terrace in much the same style for the smokers or the spill over when it gets full inside at the weekends. But the decor I liked best was the light with glasses dangling from it, catching the light.

As aforementioned - the dishes are mixed origin but the idea is to pick a few dishes to share tapas style from prawns, to a meat board with rillettes, salami - Toscano and pate with lighter dishes like broad beans with fresh gooey mozarella, tasty peppers filled with tomatoes and garlic, And for those that don't like to share - there was a special of a pan-fried steak whilst we were these to supplement the usual mains of Lamb, Quail and a fish option. I tried the tapas style approach which were all very tasty and satisfying.

Even if you don't want to make a night of it but fancy a nibble - you can order a snack like juicy young olives and pork scratchings to soak up a little of the delicious wine if you need it. And the much of the wine comes in a carafe (500ml) sizes which is nice if you just want to pop in for a quick drink.

Well anytime apart from a Sunday evening. I would advise to go during the off-peak times to avoid things like having to have warm glasses and sitting down to eat straight away. There was something about the Verdicchio the second time around that just wasn't as good...maybe it just lacked the olives as an accompaniment. But that's my only fault as the staff are really friendly and full of initiative. This is one place where I'm happy to pay the 12.5% service.



Saturday, 14 April 2012

Our Trip to India

We just came back from a trip to India's beautiful city Jaipur; or more popularly known as the Pink City because of the blushed stone colors used exclusively in the palace walls. The city is famous for its rich minerals, belts of marble, gems and beautifully coloured stones including pink tourmaline, amethyst and peridot.

We found amethysts of so many various sizes and forms, from point and slice to large clusters. The colour range was huge- from pale lilac to deep purple. Many of the amethysts were an intense color of purple with perfect clarity, clean cuts and a couple of carats. There were no inclusions or internal flaws inside the stones and they were all very strongly colored. The amethysts in Jaipur were certainly of very high quality and extremely fine gemstones.

The peridots were flawless and although there were a few with a hint of yellow-green, majority of the stones we saw were a very attractive medium green color. The peridots were all bright and cleanly cut; gems of such high quality and size are very rare to be found these days.

Perhaps the most iconic gemstone of all was the pink tourmaline. Typically found in delicate shades of pink, we found tourmaline in saturated pinks, carnation pink, bright hot pink, raspberry pink-red and gentle, soft baby pinks- just the right color for Jaipur, the 'Pink City.' Each tourmaline was beautiful in terms of its rosy color and attractive glow, not to mention its excellent transparency and vitreous luster.

In fact, every stone we saw was a pleasant surprise and we are very excited about using these gems. We have gotten some fabulous ideas from the trip on how to cut and design these stones, and use them in our jewelery. Just imagine gorgeous, richly-coloured stones shining on your wrists and around your neck. You should definitely be looking forward for the release of our new collection. 

Friday, 13 April 2012

Love of the week: Neon Stripe Jeans

These fabulous Rag&Bone skinny fit denims with a sporty neon twist are just the thing for updating a classic look with this spring's hottest trends. Denim is a classic, but the cut and colour really matter in terms of style, and these jeans have it in spades. The skinny cut is this seasons key denim style, and the word from the catwalk is that bright colours are in. However, not everyone can get away with all-over orange or pink, so these classic denim shades with key highlights are ideal for the rest of us!
Each denim shade has been carefully matched with the ideal bright seam accent, but the dark denim pair with neon pink highlights is particularly eye-catching and on-trend. They're perfect for dressing down with athletics casuals, or for wearing with a white top, jacket and some highlight jewellery to complete a dressier but fashionably sporty look.

A pair of Alchemy Pink earrings from the Trisori earrings range would be ideal for this, being bold and striking but stylish, with that oh-so-fashionable touch of pink. Wedge heels, for a bit of stylish extra lift to the legs, should complete an outfit no-one would be sorry to be seen out and about in.