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Trisori designs and produces jewellery with a view to combining some Italian chic with a London ‘edge’.
At the heart of Trisori are two resourceful and multi-cultural Italians based in London who have nurtured their creativity to craft strong statement pieces inspired by feminine elegance and playfulness.
Our collections are handmade by Italian artisans using high quality semi-precious gemstones which are set in gold-plated designs. Trisori’s uniqueness is apparent in our bold, contemporary and stylish collections which focus on complementing our Clients’ personal style and inner sparkle.

We hope you will enjoy following our blog, where we write about some of the things we like.

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Trisori is a jewellery brand that combines original Italian style with a touch of "London chic". Founded by a cosmopolitan pair of Italians residing in London, Trisori have developed a flawless ability to create strong statement pieces which retain a sense of elegance and playful femininity. Using high quality semi-precious stones set in gold plated designs, Trisori's handmade pieces are bold, contemporary and stylish. Trisori are unique; they make an effort to truly understand the way in which a woman creates her own personal style and design their jewellery line to compliment just that.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The power of gemstones: Meaning and Healing Characteristics

Gemstones and crystals get their extraordinary energy from long exposure beneath the earth’s surface. They can have a very beneficial effect on people’s lives. We pick up the healing vibrations of the stones as they transfer them via our electro-magnetic fields.
There are many gemstones available and when set in silver or gold, they make very attractive pieces of jewellery.
Amethyst uplifts the mood. It is considered to be a stone of spirituality, a healer’s stone, and is excellent for meditation. It enables psychic awareness and helps with acne, neuralgia, grief and insomnia.  Amethyst increases memory, and helps the immunity system. It also helps with headaches, breathing problems, controls blood sugar, and helps fight alcohol addiction.
A pair of amethyst, zircons and turquoise earrings from Trisori:

Garnet lifts you out of depression, helps the immune system and is good for the skin. It is a confidence booster and helps the imagination to develop. Garnets are good for helping thyroid function. It helps with the sexual drive, promotes happiness and stability in relationships, helps treat inflammations, it regulates blood circulation and is good for the heart. A pair of garnet and multistone earrings from Trisori:

Lapis Lazuli aids psychic ability and wisdom. It’s a great confidence booster and gives courage. It’s good for heart problems. It also helps to protect the body from epilepsy and strokes and helps with insomnia, thyroid problems, menstrual pain and stabilises blood pressure. It helps eyesight, fights allergies, it promotes mental clarity and awareness. A lapis lazuli bangle from Trisori:

Onyx works to combat grief, and promotes happiness and prosperity. It helps to centre yourself and can be worn as a shield to soak up other people’s negativity. It also strengthens self-confidence and sharpens your senses. A Black onyx ring from Trisori:
Peridot is powerful, positive and cleansing.  It brings good health, luck and protection to the wearer.  It also promotes restful sleep and calms the nerves. It is especially good for banishing depression and is a tonic which regulates the metabolism.  It is good for the skin, the heart, the stomach, the lungs and the kidneys.
It is also said to relieve constipation and if you suffer from bowel problems, wearing a peridot can help relieve the symptoms. A pair of peridot and tourmaline earrings:

Rose quartz is the stone of peace and harmony, it eases the emotional state and helps protect against harmful electric waves, so if you have a pacemaker, get a rose quartz necklace. It also aids recovery and promotes inner peace and self-worth. It gives strength and confidence, deters negative influences, so is useful aid against depression. It helps skin problems, kidney and heart problems and asthma.  It is said to help with fertility. A rose quartz ring from Trisori:

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  1. Rose quartz is always said to help open your mind and bring the charm... :)