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Trisori designs and produces jewellery with a view to combining some Italian chic with a London ‘edge’.
At the heart of Trisori are two resourceful and multi-cultural Italians based in London who have nurtured their creativity to craft strong statement pieces inspired by feminine elegance and playfulness.
Our collections are handmade by Italian artisans using high quality semi-precious gemstones which are set in gold-plated designs. Trisori’s uniqueness is apparent in our bold, contemporary and stylish collections which focus on complementing our Clients’ personal style and inner sparkle.

We hope you will enjoy following our blog, where we write about some of the things we like.

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Trisori is a jewellery brand that combines original Italian style with a touch of "London chic". Founded by a cosmopolitan pair of Italians residing in London, Trisori have developed a flawless ability to create strong statement pieces which retain a sense of elegance and playful femininity. Using high quality semi-precious stones set in gold plated designs, Trisori's handmade pieces are bold, contemporary and stylish. Trisori are unique; they make an effort to truly understand the way in which a woman creates her own personal style and design their jewellery line to compliment just that.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Autumn leaves II: The Iron Budda

Since green tea is pretty raw, the caffeine that it contains will usually keep you very awake in the evening. Hence you might want to try Oolong tea after lunch time. Unlike the green tea which is roasted from fresh leaves, Oolong tea is semi-fermented with different flavours, varied from floral type to earthy type. Regions which are famous for producing Oolong tea includes Taiwan and Fujian, China.

For those who have never tried Oolong tea before, I would suggest them start with one of the most famous Oolong teas: Tie Guan Yin, also called Tit Koon Yum or Iron Budda. Compared to the “Cliff tea” or “Rock tea” which is another type of Oolong, Tit Koon Yum offers a lighter taste with strong orchid aroma. Compared to Longjing, the green tea which has a sharp and slightly bitter taste, Tit Koon Yum is much smoother with a touch of sweet as after taste.

The traditional way of drinking Oolong is not as straight forward as green tea and it takes a few steps before a proper cup of tea is brewed. There are also different type of tea-wares which suit different type of flavours.

Next week, I will write more about brewing Oolong tea and Chinese traditional teawares.


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